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Some Proceedings from Christchurch, October, 2010.

ProgramAVPA Meeting Christchurch (2) Welfare Assessment – Paul Hemsworth Vaccines to protect chickens against necrotic enteritis – Anthony Keyburn AVPA Abstract The impact of darkness on the welfare of broilers – Proceedings New Antiviral Therapies – Audrey Baule Infectious Stunting... read more

Photos from AVPA Meeting, Melbourne, 2011.

Please enjoy this selection of  photographs which were taken by Amir Noorohammadi during the course of the conference in Melbourne.

Codex Alimentarius Commission on Food Hygiene – AVPA Meeting. Christchurch, NZ. October, 2010.

Codex Alimentarius Commission

Alan Jackson AVPA 001-mod

Historical Photos

Please enjoy this selection of historic photos

First AVPA Meeting Notes – 8th August, 1961. Sydney University.

First AVPA meeting notes 1961

Abstracts from AVPA Meeting. Melboune, 2011.


Proceedings of AVPA Meeting. Melbourne, 2011.

AVPA meeting 2011 Melb Proceedings

Vaccines to Protect Chickens Against Necrotic Enteritis.

AVPA Meeting. Christchurch, NZ. October, 2010. Vaccines to protect chickens against necrotic enteritis. Anthony L. Keyburn 1, 2, 3, John D. Boyce2, 3, Corrine J. Porter4, Trudi L. Banham2, 3, PaolaVaz 2, Mark E. Ford1, Julian I. Rood2, 3, and... read more

The Impact of Darkness on the Welfare of Broilers

AVPA Meeting. Christchurch, NZ. October, 2010. By K. Schwean-Lardner1, B.I. Fancher2 and H.L. Classen1 University of Saskatchewan, Canada Aviagen Inc., Huntsville AL USA   The impact that darkness has on the welfare and productivity of commercial broilers was studied over... read more

New Antiviral Therapies.

AVPA Meeting. Christchurch, NZ. October, 2010. New Antiviral Therapies. By Audrey Baule   The control of viral infections is of critical importance to the poultry industry and this is highlighted by costly outbreaks of infection such as Avian Influenza, NewcastleDisease... read more

Latest From AVPA


Trevor John Bagust 1944 – 2014

Written By:  Kevin Whithear and Jagoda Ignjatovic   Born in 1944 in Tauranga, New Zealand, Trevor John Bagust came from a... read more

Upcoming Scientific Meetings

AVPA Conference – Gold Coast – 28th & 29th May, 2014

AVPA May 2014 Conference Program

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